If you have just received a Company Wind-Up Notice, this is as serious as things could possibly get and it is imperative that you ACT now otherwise your Business is at considerable risk.

Do nothing and your Business will be wound up and placed in the hands of a Court Appointed Liquidator.

In Australia, the Australian Taxation Office instigate more Windup Notices than any other Creditor. But whether the notice is from the ATO or someone else matters little as it is imperative that you act now and call us for free confidential advice.

On the papers you have received you will see a court date and this date is crucial – this is the date you go to court to have your Business wound up and placed under the control of a Court Appointed Liquidator, so it is important that we act now and discuss your options as well as discuss arranging legal representation in court for you on this date.

Remember our aim is to help protect your assets and Business whilst achieving the best outcome possible for you personally, as unfortunately in some instances, not only is your Business at risk, you could also be made personally liable.

There are many options to consider once you have received a Wind-Up Notice. These range from Refinancing to pay out the debt in full to arranging a Voluntary Administration with a view to proposing a Deed of Company Arrangement.

Another option to consider maybe selling the Business – but call us today to see how we can help.

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