Money missing from your Bank Account and not sure what to do? Call us Urgently.

If you have received a copy of a Garnishee Order in the mail and your Bank account has been emptied, you might be thinking can the ATO just take your money and freeze your accounts? Unfortunately – it can.​

​A Garnishee Order is one of the tools in the ATO debt collection arsenal. It is sent out to a Third Party demanding any money owed to you be paid straight to the ATO.

This payment is made to satisfy your Tax Debt. Any creditor you owe money to can apply for a Garnishee Order through the courts. However, the ATO can issue them without a court order.

Having a Garnishee Order issued against your company is a sign the ATO is getting serious about recovering their debt. If you don’t take appropriate action, the ATO could start action to wind up the company or force you into bankruptcy.  The emptying of your bank account may also be enough to tip you over the edge.  Call us urgently to discuss your situation and we can help you discover the most appropriate option for you.

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