Has the Covid-19 Pandemic caused your debts to spiral out of control? Unfortunately, due to the pandemic the way we work, live and communicate has all been compromised.

As job uncertainty increases many Australians are now worried about how their finances will hold out during these challenging times.

Whilst the Federal Government has announced multiple stimulus packages to help support both individuals and Companies through the pandemic many Australians simply don’t have the emergency money saved for a time like this which may cause many to use credit cards or take out personal loans just to get by. For those already struggling with unmanageable debt before the pandemic hit, the Government’s support may not be enough.

It’s important to act now and put a plan in place to get out of debt, once and for all. At Debt Solve Australia, we are here to support you through this crisis with a number of innovative Debt Solutions available for both Companies and Individuals depending on your individual circumstances.

We can help with:

  • Debt Negotiations to reduce interest, fees and charges
  • Company Restructuring
  • Part IX Debt Agreements
  • Personal Bankruptcy

If you’re struggling with debt due to the impact of Coronavirus, you’re not alone. Get in touch with our friendly team today on 1300 803 290 for a free, 30-minute consultation.


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