A Bankruptcy Sequestration order is an order made by the Federal Court or Federal Circuit Court determining that an individual is Bankrupt. Once a sequestration order has been received, the assets of the Bankrupt will be handed over to be managed by a Trustee in Bankruptcy as appointed by the Court.

The jurisdiction to make the sequestration orders is governed by section 43 of the Bankruptcy Act 1966 and are mostly served in the Federal Circuit Court of Australia.

A sequestration order can be challenged and reversed if you have strong grounds.

Such grounds include you not being served the Bankruptcy notice, not owing the money claimed by the Creditor or having your own claim against the Creditor.

If you have received a Bankruptcy Sequestration Order, then please contact us urgently to discuss your options as Debt Solve Australia can refer you to one of our Legal Partners for more guidance if needed.

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