At Debt Solve Australia we work with you to explore all your options and assist you in making the right decisions with regards to addressing your Tax Debts.

The ATO is different to other Creditors because it has the right to demand payment and take money from you without having to prove the Debt.

When addressing Tax Debt, we look at what works best for you and explore all your options which may include negotiating a repayment plan with the Tax Department, refinancing existing Mortgages to pay out the Tax Debt or, if you have a Company, potentially restructuring your business to give you a fresh start.

We also offer a Debt Reduction Service where we negotiate with the ATO for a reduced lump sum settlement potentially saving you thousands.

We work for you and our aim is to look at ways to protect your assets and preserve your wealth whilst achieving the best possible outcome for you or your Business.

Our team consists of Tax Accountants, Business Consultants and Legal Professionals who specialise in not only Tax but also Business Restructuring, Loan Refinancing and Insolvency work.

Our clients get results.

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